The assessment of real properties is one of the most important segments in the real estate business, both for the seller and for the potential purchaser, and there are many reasons why this is so. Those who wish to purchase a real property, aside from resolving their housing situation, always have in mind that some day, if they wish to sell it, they want to be able to do it easily and safely, while those who sell the real property want to get the best possible price, taking into account a number of factors that affect it.
We at TOP-SHOP have a team of people who, aside from having many years of experience in all segments of assessment, have perfected their assessment techniques at a very high and professional level of objectivity while focusing on a number of factors necessary for determining the reality of the assessment.
One should certainly have in mind and be careful about who they will hire for that purpose and be absolutely sure of the independence of such a procedure. The person who will perform this task for you should certainly have a vast experience in that business segment and be absolutely independent with regard to the possible conflict of interests and should not be driven solely by their own financial interest.
Our team of assessors is a team of experienced professionals who have proven many times to be objective according to all parameters in this segment of the real estate business and transactions.
Because our motto is:

We do not consider our work merely as work – we consider it a pleasure, a dedication and a challenge, primarily thanks to the expertise of the entire TOP-SHOP team who is always there at your disposal!