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Dear Sir/Madam, Regarding the business cooperation with the TOP-SHOP agency from Zagreb, I would like to point out that we were extremely satisfied with the cooperation, and that we realized the purchase and sale through the mediation of the agency. They would point out that Mr. Bornna Valković was extremely professional, up-to-date, responsible and we are very satisfied with his personal involvement. As a person/agent, we would always recommend him to others, as we will choose him in the case of a new sale, purchase or rental of real estate. Rating 10/10. Best regards!

Gordana Krstinić

As a buyer, I contacted the TOP-SHOP agency, explained to them what type of real estate I was interested in and in which part of the city, and then left all other activities to them. I received extremely useful advice from the agency's employees, which ultimately resulted in the purchase of the housing I wanted. I would like to highlight the exceptional professionalism and friendliness of all employees of the TOP-SHOP agency, especially Ms. Sanja Valković, without whose help I certainly would not have bought the property I wanted. The agency for every recommendation, and the mentioned employee should be an example to everyone who deals with this business.

Damir Koren

You have an expert team, professionals, you don't wander around looking for agencies, you have quick information about those interested in your property, you are constantly up to date with events and feedback from potential buyers. Do not worry about drawing up a quality KP Contract because the TOP-SHOP team protects you in all segments of buying and selling. Availability, information, shortens the waiting time, and they think and work for you.

Vid Suton

We would like to thank your agent Sanja without whose help we would not have been able to get to our new home. With her persistence and commitment, Sanja managed to exchange our first property for a new apartment. Although the person with whom we exchanged properties was not interested in the exchange, Sanja, with her persistence, managed to convince the seller to exchange and came up with the entire model of exchanging apartments. Once again, a big thank you to Sanja, without whose help we would not have had our dream home. TOP-SHOP is not coincidentally one of the leading real estate agencies in Zagreb, without them we would not have been able to find our new apartment because TOP-SHOP managed to organize an apartment exchange model that was not imagined when we started looking for a new home. The friendly and highly operative staff from TOP-SHOP spared us all the administrative entanglements that followed the replacement of our real estate, and according to the "turnkey" system, we moved into our new real estate, that is, our new home.

Hani Domazet