TOP-SHOP – represents and acts as an agent in the sale and lease of all types of real property:
Sale – Rent – Lease:
  • Apartments
  • Houses and villas, holiday residences and mansions
  • Business premises / premises / offices / hospitality facilities / industrial halls etc.
  • Construction sites of all types and for all purposes
  • Real properties from the tourism sector: hotels / resorts / hotel groups / yacht marinas etc.
  • Investment projects and completed and functional real properties on the coast and inland
  • Acquisition of companies and managements that own tourism facilities (optional).
To all our clients, we provide the services of consulting, market projections and guidance in the selection of the optimal solution, according to customer or lessee requirements and set goals. Our expert team of agents and other professionals will be happy to help you with your every request in a professional and lawful way – pointing to the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a real property.
Given the experience accumulated over 28 years of our activity, we will be able to assist you in all areas of purchase / lease and all necessary operational procedures to save your time and enable you to take over the selected property and become an owner or a lessee as soon as possible.
The real properties we have available in our offer are carefully selected and verified in all spheres of ownership papers as well as by the profile of the owners themselves. The services we provide when taking over a real property are based on the highest possible standard.
Our goal is to approach each customer or owner in a simple and operationally most efficient way without wasting anyone’s time, and always respecting your time and requirements in accordance with your wishes and your situation. We hope that you will not only find partners in us in said processes, but that you will also be awarded with a sense of well-being and relief after the final goals and results have been achieved.
Because our motto is:

We do not consider our work merely as work – we consider it a pleasure, a dedication and a challenge, primarily thanks to the expertise of the entire TOP-SHOP team who is always there at your disposal!